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What happens when someone receives divorce papers?

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2021 | Divorce

Marriages do not always work out, and many couples mutually agree to enter divorce proceedings, but some New Jersey spouses feel surprised to discover that a spouse wants a divorce. Not expecting the announcement could catch someone off-guard. Regardless, it becomes necessary to prepare for divorce proceedings and negotiations as the marriage is about to come to a legal end.

Focusing on the important matters

Even when all the signs point to a collapsing marriage, one partner might not expect to receive divorce papers. The emotional shock might be enormous, but the legal matter will likely still go forward. Of course, one spouse might approach the other about entering marriage counseling and save the union. Even if one party doesn’t want to speak to a counselor, the other spouse could do so. Seeking counseling may assist someone to regain the mental focus and clarity to deal with the situation.

Ultimately, a divorce focuses on many financial matters. Child visitation issues might become a significant part of negotiations. Gaining proper mental and emotional clarity could put someone in the appropriate position to deal with the situation.

Moving forward with the divorce proceedings

Both parties will benefit from knowing what they want from the divorce settlement. A spouse might need to compile highly detailed financial statements to address spousal and child support claims. No one would like to be financially burdened with support amounts they cannot afford. Speaking with a financial counselor who understands divorce matters might help. Other professionals like counselors may also prove valuable when dealing with the stress of a divorce.

Being too attached to any property, such as a house, might make arriving at a settlement harder and costlier. Similar sentiments apply to agreements over child visitation schedules. Accepting the situation and moving away from emotional responses could help spouses negotiate peacefully.