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Discussing visitation schedules in mediation

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Child Custody

Mediation can be an effective and cost-efficient way to resolve your New Jersey custody issues with your child’s other parent. The process encourages the two of you to learn to collaborate to deal with issues related to parenting and to figure out how to best communicate with each other.

Benefits of mediation for child custody issues

Besides the possible positive financial impact, mediation can provide many other benefits that in the long term can help parents show their children they continue to collaborate to resolve these issues. These include:

• More control over the process
• The support of a knowledgeable, professional mediator
• Flexibility with time when it comes to meeting with the mediator to speak about issues
• The space to learn to work with your child’s other parent in the child’s best interest.

Preparing for the discussion

To try to ensure a mediation process will result in a successful settlement, you must prepare beforehand. This preparation will help you be calmer and more focused during your mediation sessions, which will help you make clear, logical decision thinking about your child. You should arrive at the mediation session ready to discuss the parenting schedule. Some of the paints you can address include:

• A proposed schedule of parenting time, including visitation days and times
• Ideas for the exchange of the child
• How to split holidays, birthdays, vacations, and special events
• Suggestions for communication tools that might best work for your family

Because talking about custody and visitation can be challenging for parents, you should arrive at your session feeling relaxed and prepared. As the discussion begins, remember to be courteous and respectful of your child’s other parent. You should also expect and receive the same treatment from the other party. You should have an open mind during the conversation, willing to hear the other parent’s views, and adapt your own plans as well, if necessary.