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Family Law Attorneys Protecting Their Clients In Domestic Violence Matters

One of the most difficult issues in family law is domestic violence. It is, sadly, a very common problem that is closely tied to divorce and child custody disputes. Victims and their children deserve to be safe and protected, and that is a responsibility we take very seriously at South Jersey Divorce Solutions. Our attorneys can help you seek safety from your abuser and ensure that the court knows about the history of violence when making child custody and divorce rulings.

While it is comparatively rare, we also understand that some spouses make false accusations of domestic violence to give themselves an advantage in their custody matters. Whether you have been a victim of violence or have been falsely accused, our firm is here to help you tell your side of the story and to protect your rights.

How New Jersey Defines Domestic Violence

What differentiates domestic violence from other violent acts is the relationship between the abuser and the victim. In New Jersey, you are considered a domestic violence victim if you have been abused by a current or former spouse, intimate partner, household member or someone with whom you share a child (or will share a child, if you are pregnant). It is important to note that the gender of the abuser and the gender of the victim are irrelevant in this definition.

There are 19 criminal acts that qualify as domestic violence under the state’s Prevention of Domestic Violence Act of 1991. Some examples include:

  • Assault and/or sexual assault
  • Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Kidnapping, criminal restraint or false imprisonment
  • Making terroristic threats
  • Burglary and/or criminal trespass
  • Criminal sexual contact and/or lewdness

If you’ve been victimized in one or more of these ways, our attorneys can help you seek both a temporary restraining order and a final restraining order against your abuser. We will then stay by your side throughout divorce and custody proceedings, ensuring that the history of abuse is well documented and adequately considered in any family law rulings.

Working To Limit The Damage Of False Allegations

If your spouse or co-parent has made false allegations against you, you must act quickly to preserve your parental rights and defend your reputation. If you become the subject of a restraining order, it could mean being kicked out of your home, losing access to your children and suffering the consequences that come with being labeled an abuser (such as losing your job).

Our attorneys will work tirelessly to help block a restraining order, clear your name and preserve access to your children. To the extent possible, we will also present evidence to the court that your spouse or co-parent made false allegations in an attempt to fraudulently gain an advantage in divorce or child custody proceedings.

How Allegations Will Influence The Legal Process

Normally, when going through a divorce, you would have numerous options for reaching an agreement including mediation, collaborative divorce and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. If one party has made domestic violence allegations against the other (either truthfully or falsely), the methods mentioned above are no longer options. The divorce will almost certainly need to be resolved through litigation. Our attorneys are skilled and experienced in the courtroom, and we will advocate aggressively on your behalf.

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