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Top Ten Reasons to Get a PreNup

When you get engaged, you are happy and thinking of love and marriage.  It is not a time where you think “one day I will be divorced.”  However, may you should.  Think of it like this, you buy car insurance.  You do not plan on getting into a car accident – but it...

Unconscious Bias in Divorce

We all have unconscious biases, attorneys and mediators included.  It is part of the human experience.  The unfortunate thing is that many of us do not recognize our biases when we are sitting in the room with our clients, during a negotiation and in the courtroom. ...

Keeping Your Privacy During A Divorce

Think of it like this. You are sitting in the Courthouse waiting for your case to be called. Maybe you are upset or crying, maybe you are exhausted from sitting around all day. You look up and you see a neighbor, a co-worker or your child’s coach sitting across from...